• Backup Schedule:  Automate cloud backups by setting up suitable time and frequency.
  • Real-Time Backup:  Backup everything automatically. My IT Company Cloud Backup  runs as Windows Service and tracks folders for new or changed files to backup them immediately.
  • Encryption:  Protect your data from unauthorized access by choosing an encryption algorithm and setting a unique encryption key. My IT Company Cloud Backup   encrypts all your data before uploads it to a storage.
  • Compression: Reduces the size of your backups to save time and money spent on data recovery plan. My IT Company Cloud Backup  compresses data prior to transfer.
  • Intelligent Bandwidth Scheduler:  Control the bandwidth throttling in real-time to set, for instance, the backup to consume all available bandwidth during the off hours and on the weekends while consume only 10% of bandwidth during the working hours.
  • Virtual Disk: Expose cloud storage as a local disk on your computer and access your data.
  • Local Backup:  Set up local backup if you want to send only subset of your data to the cloud and keep the rest on your local backup storage.
  • Block Level Backup: Backup only changed parts of the file. My IT Company Cloud Backup  detects these parts and automatically uploads it to the remote storage.


Q: If I purchase one license can I activate My IT Company Cloud Backup  on two computers?
A: My IT Company Cloud Backup is licensed per computer. If you want to run it on two computers, you need to buy two licenses.

Q: Will My IT Company Cloud Backup  copy opened files?
A: Yes, My IT Company Cloud Backup  leverages Microsoft Volume Shadow Copy Technology to backup opened files

Q: How My IT Company Cloud Backup  secures my data?
A: My IT Company Cloud Backup  offers several industry standard strong encryption algorithms to protect your data.

Q: Does My IT Company Cloud Backup  copies all files every time it runs?
A: No, My IT Company Cloud Backup   identifies files modified since last backup and only copies such files. This makes subsequent backups run much faster

Q: Can My IT Company Cloud Backup  copy only modified portion of the file? I want to backup my Outlook PST file, but it is 2GB and I don’t want to copy the whole file every time.
A: This is called block-level backup and it is fully supported with My IT Company Cloud Backup .

Q: Does My IT Company Cloud Backup  keep older versions of the file?
A: Yes, and this feature gives you an ability to restore a file to a certain point in the past.

Q: If I delete a file on my local computer is it also deleted from backup storage?
A: Yes, the file will be deleted from the online storage too. By default, though, the file will stay on the online storage for 30 days to prevent accidental deletion. We call it Smart Delete.

Q: Can My IT Company Cloud Backup  copy the data immediately as it changes (e.g. new files are added or existing files are modified)?
A: Yes, this is what we call Real-time backup. You can select this option in the Backup Wizard Scheduling step. By using a low level Windows API this feature comes with zero impact on your computer performance.

Q: Does My IT Company Cloud Backup  support MAC OS X platform?
A: No, it is Windows only.


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